5 Wine Facts Every Wine Lover should know

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Before you open your next bottle, it’s nice to equip yourself with these facts. Wine is a broad topic to learn as there are so many grapes varietals, regions, bottling, price points, not to add swirling rituals. We can’t cover it all in one post but, you need to have some basic facts to ward off judgmental looks. Of course joining a wine club Texas will help you discover all there is about wine.

Here are some facts to help you confidently join the wine enthusiast bandwagon.

1.   The age of the wine doesn’t always mean it’s better

We have all heard the saying, “Aging like fine wine.” Well, it’s true to some extent. Fine wine grows more acceptable to the discerning palate as it ages. The truth is, as wine ages the primary fruity aromas like peach, plum, or apple fade. White wine get a more marmalade, nutty, or honey aroma. Red wine on the other hand acquires leather, cigar box, earthier, or savory aromas.  The tannins also get rounder and softer.

So it all depends on how you love to take your wine.

2.   Use the ‘like to like’ formula when pairing wine

In wine pairing, ensure that you match the flavor intensity of the food with a wine of similar intensity. This way none will overpower the other. If you pair sweet foods with dry wine then the wine will taste bitter and drier than it actually tastes. So, light wines go with slightly flavored meals. Heavy meals with full-bodied wines while sweet meals go with sweet wines.

Additionally, wine is known to improve the taste of food as it enhances the ingredients flavors. Going for wine tasting Texas events will give you more exposure.

Remember not to take food pairings too seriously and forget to have fun and try out new things.

3.   Brown tinges are dangerous

Have you ever tasted wine that was just flat? Well, if you have white or rose wines and see brown tinges start worrying. This shows the wine has oxidized so its fruity aroma and flavor will be long gone.

Don’t mistake the brown tinges for the sediments at the bottom. The sediments is a natural byproduct of unfiltered wine so it’s fine. Actually, it adds to the complexity and texture of the wine.

4.   Keep wine in a cool, dark place

Heat and light alter the taste of wine. It’s a fragile drink that has to be stored at consistent temperatures. Cool, dark places like under the stairs provide the perfect storage spaces. Keep it away from the fridge or above the oven.

Also, when hold the wine glace by the stem and not the bowl. You don’t want to increase the temperature of the wine and ruin its taste.

5.   Don’t use the price to gauge the quality

Wine quality should be measured by complexity, flavor intensity, and balance. There are so many affordable wines with the perfect combination. You can go to one of the blind wine tasting events Texas so as not to have preconceptions on the wine. This way you make your judgement based on wine tasting alone.