Beyond Wine: Educational Opportunities at Texas Wineries

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Over the past 2 decades, the wine and grape industry has significantly expanded. So much is put into consideration for you to enjoy great wine. From thoughtful growing, careful fruit pairing, to proper ageing. As a result, the need for trained grape growers, wine-makers, and other skilled workers has increased. There is always so much to learn in wineries and tasting.

The best wineries in Texas offer guests various opportunities, to learn about the wine business, wine selection and tasting, and creating a perfect blend. With so much wisdom and knowledge in the region, members and guests get an opportunity to be beneficiaries.

1.    Wine blending classes

You get to experience a wine blending class like none other in Texas. It’s a class that takes about 1.5 hours and provides an opportunity to not only take a taste but make your bottle. Having tasted 100% varietal wines, you get to pick what to use for your master blend, cork your bottle, create your label, and finally take it home with you. In short, you get to learn and enjoy the journey of being a winemaker for a day.

Additionally, you can opt to join the Wine Fusion premier wine club Texas and get to sample, taste, and take home numerous award winning wines.

2.    Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau

The center is dedicated to creating awareness and comprehension of the Texas agriculture, wine and food. Wine enthusiasts get to have classes dive into proper wine tasting and food pairings. In the end, you become well-rounded in wine tasting, major wines in the world, and their respective food pairings.   Both locals and visitors get to learn about wine, culinary and hospitality skills.

3.    Enology educational programs

There are no prerequisites to take an enology certificate program. If you want to dive into viticulture, this is the program that will help you better understand grapevines. The concepts of wine production are taught so well in this course. One gets exposed to distinctive landscapes of the major wine areas in Texas.

Texas Tech University (TTU) has a 4 years degree program in Enology and Viticulture due to the growth in the wine clubs in Texas.

4.    Discover the region’s history

Culinary history in Texas is a travel adventure that will give you a rich historical perspective. You get exposed to the evolution of Texas winemaking. It not only provides a chance to discover and explore the origin of the famous grape varietals but sample the culinary delights as well. The newly acquired knowledge will challenge you to develop an appreciation for wholesome eating.

5.    Library passes

Some vineyards have wine libraries that carry so much knowledge of the grapes and different wines. The Becker Vineyard has the Reserve Wine Library that began in 1996 and offers the Cabernet Sauvignon program.

6.    Barrel sampling and tasting

Vineyards offer visitors opportunities to explore the secrets of their handcrafted wines. In most of these vineyards, wine educators lead guest groups in barrel tasting then later to a production facility tour. The event is meant to provide thee enthusiasts with insight into the Texas wineries. For exclusive experiences the number of guests per group is limited but it varies according to the vineyard.