Guide to find best wine clubs in Texas

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Texas is the fifth largest wine producer in the US hence wine consumption is well engrained in the Texas Culture. With more than 436 licensed wineries, going through all the outstanding wines produced is nearly impossible.   Being part of a wine club is the perfect solution to anyone with an adventurous love of tasting and experimenting with extraordinary wine at the best prices and other astounding benefits. Now the task is finding the best wine clubs in Texas with the rapid increase of wine consumption and online wine purchase stores.

Wine clubs offer monthly and quarterly services to supply wine at your home or office based on your recommendations, feedback and personal preferences. Some issue questionnaires and use algorithms to study your tastes while others offer a tasting of different wines and get your specific feedback.

The best wine club should be able to offer its members a mix of an array of wine assortment, an easy to use website interface, well-outlined terms of service, and exciting extras such as food pairings.

How to find the best wine clubs in Texas

  • Analyze the wine club in terms of pricing, membership, and customer service


This allows you to gauge the general quality of the wines offered in the wine club. It also helps you plan your budget accordingly. Look at the budget-friendly wine clubs (around $15 a bottle) and the curated wine clubs (more than $15 a bottle).

Budget-friendly wine clubs often offer private label wines which the club has bought in bulk, created a cool custom label, and bottled the wine. This wines are usually exclusive and can’t be found elsewhere as it is difficult to trace the origin. They are rarely rated by wine critics but consumer ratings can be found for opinions. You will be surprised by the great wine tasting available on a budget. Curated wine clubs give you a platform to explore a wider range of high-quality wines.

Also, find out the membership fees, if the club offers monthly delivery programs, allows for individual bottle purchases, cost of shipping and taxes, etc.


The best wine clubs in Texas should allow for customized membership plans instead of a one size fits all style. A club that allows for customized deliveries either monthly or quarterly, where you have the freedom to pick your favorite bottles. Look into their introductory offers, cancellation policies, and enrollment plans.

Customer service

This is the fine print that determines and guarantees your satisfaction in a wine club membership. Go to the company online reviews and read what others are saying to make an informed decision. It is okay to investigate different wine clubs to empower your decision making. It lets you know if your preferences will be considered and how your feedback will be put to use.

  • Look at benefits past the club shipment discounts

Wine clubs always have discounted bottled prices as they purchase their wine in bulk. To get the most value out of a club membership look into the additional benefits gained. Some include:

  1. Free tasting: Find out if there is a cap for the number of free tastings annually and how many additional guests you can invite.
  2. Exclusive access to wine: Most of the time the best wine made by wineries is only available to club members and usually, it’s in limited supply. As a wine enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out on this.
  3. Members-only invitations to events and parties or discounts on events open to the general public.
  4. Member’s discounts on restaurants, lodges, venue centers, and other club owned facilities.
  5. Discounts on extra purchased bottles and merchandise in tasting rooms.
  6. Professional winemaker notes and detailed tastings to increase your knowledge as a wine connoisseur.

With the busy schedule that most people have, scouring shelves in search of good wine is tiring. One ends up picking their usual choice of wine. A wine club offers a wide variety of palate to explore and challenge your normal wine style. Yes, finding the best wine clubs in Texas can be an overwhelming process but the value advantage is so worth the search.